Induction & Coaching

Once you have hired your staff, the fact whether the Indian employees’ conduct lives up to your expectations often becomes only apparent later in practice. A (single) "training visit" to Germany – and be it for several weeks – or induction measures in India are not sufficient to apply the new knowledge in an Indian environment day to day.

Train technical skills

It is an additional challenge to impart the needed knowledge of your technology and quality standards to Indian employees, especially these in the production, service and (technical) sales. The number of cases, in which own employees handle the own products carelessly, is huge. Indian quality awareness deviates enormously from the European one.

For this reason WB human resources® offers according training and coaching modules:

  • Prepare Indian managers and executives for your parent company.
  • Impart the targets, philosophy, way of thinking and standards of the parent company to the management team on site and ensure that these have been understood and accepted.
  • Sustainable local training of Indian service, sales and production staff by German technicians. Increase quality awareness and technical competence in the long term.
  • Ensure compliance with standards through regular training units on site.


  • Personnel induction

    Induction of personnel by means of training courses, (cultural) preparation of European employees for India and Indian employees for Germany as well as direct instruction on site.

  • Management coaching

    Give advice and support to Indian managerial staff for a longer period of time and acquaint them properly to the requirements and expectations of the parent company. Regular feedback meetings and "counsellor" function between executives and parent company.

  • Technical training

    Train Indian personnel for technical requirements in the areas of production, sales and service. Induce identification with quality standards.