WB human resources®

Human resources management in India is a true challenge!

Highly qualified personnel is hardly available in India and thus difficult to find. Utmost care and neutrality have to be maintained throughout all recruitment projects. Manipulated applications and the unwanted influence of leagues and job hopping are commonplace.

Personality, work attitude and mind-set have to match your company, as the expectations and the conduct of Indian employees are in many cases incompatible with a European point of view. Tried and tested management concepts do not work out in India. Cultural distinctions lead to misunderstandings or serious problems again and again.

Being part of the Dr. Wamser + Batra Ltd. and as a personnel consultancy for India, WB human resources® has specialised on planning, search and other relevant issues regarding personnel management in India.

As consultants, experts in the field of human resources are at your disposal, who possess not merely relevant methodological knowledge, but also have longstanding experience of managerial responsibility and management practice – ergo professionals who know the people and the personnel market in India thoroughly from their own experience.

  • Organisation & Process Consulting

    Taking Indian characteristics into account when planning your local organisation and adapt the processes accordingly, so that they work out in Indian circumstances.

  • Executive (personnel) Search

    Recruitment of executives. Find candidates that really match with you.

  • Management & Control

    Efficient organisation of sustainable management and control of all business processes from a distance and ensuring the long-term implementation of corporate objectives.

  • Induction & Coaching

    Introduce the personnel to the standards of the parent company and overcome cultural differences.